About Colin

I am a 41 year old musician, audio engineer, writer, and legal scholar.  Or more accurately, I am one who has those interests and disciplines as well as so many others. I also enjoy reading, discussing and contemplating subjects such as:

Philosophy, especially Eastern concepts; mythology and religious history; Psychology, especially Jungian influenced work;  Sociology and cultural phenomenon;  esoteric wisdom including mystical or intuitive sciences;  ancient civilizations; modern science and technology…..who knows what’s next!

I really enjoy all of my work and studies.  Its not like work to me.  But I do take it all quite seriously.

As for my “career”whatever that means….One side of me writes and performs music and runs a CD mastering business.  The other side of me researches law and offers “non legal” services that pertain to real estate, and a few other areas of discipline related to law.

I live in the San Francisco Bay area and have been here for 20 years.  I have also spent much time in New York City and Austin Texas.

I presently live alone with my cat, P.C.

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