Creditors In Commerce

Creditors In Commerce was founded by Brandon Adams in southern California.  Brandon has an amazing and inspiring vision for the world and a philosophy of how to interact with our true selves and our communities that is compelling, healthful and timely.

He has melded an eastern philosophical standpoint with a deep understanding of law and banking.  This balance allows those who wish to take his model as an example for their own courses of action to get involved in law and economics in a way that creates new avenues rather than destroying what has been so carefully built.

Brandon has invited others who share his vision to step forward, take part in his activities and to contribute their own energy and skills towards creating a wider and more effective base from which we may take actions and serve as a supporting foundation for others.

I found Creditors in Commerce in June 2009 and have been happily and excitedly participating since.  I am currently one of the coaches on board and I host a conference call  every Tuesday.

CIC Conference Calls.  Visit the Conference Calls page for more info.  You can listen to past shows by way of the Talkshow widget on the Creditors in Commerce home page located here:

Also, at the CIC web page, you can listen to all of Brandon’s Living Temple seminars and those of other CIC affiliated teachers like Gordon Hall and download audio from our live workshops.    The resources page there has many more education links.  An entire life-changing library of information is available and accessible from this website.

Finally, you can participate in our Google based forum by clicking the “Network” link on the CIC website.  After a day or two, you will be accepted and you can join in to our online community of over 5000 others who are seeking commercial remedies and helping their brothers and sisters to help themselves.   Make sure you read the HELP FAQ and other sticky posts on the first page of the forum before you participate so you know what you will need to know to participate responsibly.

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