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Here is a Qualified Written Request that can be used to request disclosures under RESPA and other laws for use in a situation where a foreclosure is looming.  There are two versions.  One for private use and one for attorney use.  This particular QWR also uses Ca. Civ. Code 2943 and will only be applicable in California.  You will need to remove any references to CA laws if you are other states. If you have other disclosure requirements in your state that you know if, you can add them in instead.  Otherwise, the federal statutes that are there will apply only.  These are to be used at any time but are best used before a default is incurred but after default is determined to be likely.  Format is Word Docx.  If you cant open, search for an online docx to doc converter and then open in Word or other text program.

Ca QWR 1

Ca QWR att2

Here is free access to the document folder I give to folks who order my foreclosure lectures.  You might as well start your studies now!  The first 2.5 hour lecture is out and will give you a good starting point in reference to foreclosure basics.  See the Foreclosure Lectures page for more info.

Here is a call to a debt collector I made where I directed them to contact me by mail, rather than phone .  This changed the dynamic of the situation.

Here is a sketch that was used to create CA foreclosure lawsuit.  The full research paper is about 10 pages long and has all the citations and case law to back it up.

Suit basics 1

Here is a generic cover letter for A4V to a CFO.

Generic A4V CFO letter

A Demand For Payment to a debt collector

Demand for Payment Spirited Coaching

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