My Skills

Some of my talents that have special meaning in this commercial and legal sphere are :

The ability to readily spot and single out the prime anchors of any particular discipline or sub-discipline and focus on them while gradually moving outwards to capture the finer details secondarily.

An ability to communicate in written form succinctly and purposefully with a sense of style as well as pure utility that makes for professional presentations that others take seriously.

An ability to put myself in another’s shoes.  This perspective based skill allows me to plan a course of action that will translate effectively when working with others and in composing writings and forming courses of action.

Research and paying attention to details is natural for me.  I am very concerned with perfecting any process I am engaged in.  I do not take the easy way out.

I am not greedy and I am not in a rush.  I value the present moment and can and do take pride in my work.  I have always and will always guarantee my work, no matter what it is.

20 years of personal inner psychological and spiritual work has grounded me to a large degree and this allows me to act in a manner that although is not unflawed, is in line with the philosophy of a “Creditor”.

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